INTRODUCING…PARTYgif! A modern and exciting way to document your event! PARTYgif is the new and improved version of the photo booth, great for any event!



Frequently Asked Questions

What is PARTYgif?
PARTYgif is a new modern twist to the photo booth! PARTYgif creates animated GIFs and delivers them straight to your smartphone!

What events is the PARTYgif for?
PARTYgif is great for Weddings, Buck and Doe’s, Corporate Events, Grand Openings, Gala Events, Birthday Parties, Engagement Parties and much much more!

How does PARTYgif work?
When guests approach the PARTYgif, they are instructed to press the “Touch Me” screen in front of them. Once they touch the screen, a countdown begins and so does the fun! Move around, cheers your friend, do some dance moves, share a kiss! PARTYgif captures the movement and the energy from your event! The PARTYgif then asks for a phone number to send your PARTYgif to! All PARTYgifs are uploaded to a cloud platform for everyone to view all of the PARTYgifs after the event!

How are the PARTYgifs delivered?
The PARTYgifs are delivered via SMS text.

Can I share the PARTYgif I have just made?
Absolutely!! PARTYgif’s are sent straight to your smartphone. A link to your PARTYgif will bring you to the PARTYgif webpage with the PARTYgif and social sharing buttons such as INSTAGRAM, FACEBOOK, TWITTER

Does PARTYgif require wi-fi?
The great thing about the PARTYgif is it can be used without wifi. Once the PARTYgif is connected to wifi, the GIF’s are sent out.

Does PARTYgif require power?
Yes, PARTYgif does require power. The PARTYgif host will provide an extension cord.

Can I view all of the GIF’s from the event I attended?
Yes you can!! A link is provided that will direct you the PARTYgif webpage and from there you can view all of the PARTYgifs from the event!

How long is the PARTYgif gallery active?
The PARTYgif gallery is active for 30 days after your event.