Where do I even begin!?!?!?!

Katie and Jesse know how to throw a party, that’s for sure! The Tequila Rose was flowing alllll nighttttt longgggggg! There was never a dull moment at this Mansfield Outdoor Centre wedding. If you’re a bride looking for the perfect place to host your open-air outdoor wedding…. this is the place for you.

Katie and Jesse are the two most humbled individuals you will ever meet. The love they have for each other just makes me go “aweeeee” in my head. The way they smile at each other, and the way they laugh when Katie is stuffing her face full of food when she finally has a second to eat hahaha. They really created their day to be a reflection of the people they are. They even hired their dog Benji to be a videographer during the ceremony. They strapped a Go Pro to him and away he went! I actually bought him his little bow tie from a tiny shop in St. Jacobs! I told them it would make the most perfect little outfit for him!

Katie was just glowing in her dress. Her smile was so bright, it was the most contagious smile ever! She decided to alter her moms wedding dress, and customize it for her big day! Momma must have been so proud! The second image in this gallery really speaks to me because of that. She is passing down the torch! Such a beautiful memory to have. Maureen Patricia Bridal was the gal behind altering the dress and BOY did she do a kick ass job!

Jesse was a dashing man in his suit. The moment he saw Katie, he lit up like a light bulb! So happy to finally see his bride. (Good job at holding in the tears Jesse, I saw a few close calls haha)

These two enjoyed a night full of pizza (the brussel sprout/bacon pizza was definitely my fav), Tequila Rose (lots of it), playing with their hilarious dog Benji, and finished the night off with a classic sparkler exit.

You two are the perfect example of true love!


On the morning of Canada Day, Cas and Ryan were getting ready to celebrate their big day with friends and family at Ryan’s mother’s property. A gorgeous tent had been put up and a ceremony outside on little hay bales with beautiful quilts on every one. Both Cas and Ryan were so easy going the day of the wedding. So relaxed and so calm, and ready to finally be husband and wife! Ryan walked down the aisle with the biggest smile on his face, so nervous but so excited to see his bride! As Cas walked down the aisle, she stopped at a few guests who were very significant in her life, each one carrying a flower. She picked them up one by one which ended up making her bouquet. Talk about tear jerking right!?!? I was shedding so many tears (as I always do lol.) During the ceremony, the wind was picking up quite a bit, and one of Cas’s fake eyelashes came loose, and Cas being the incredible woman she is, just ripped the fake eyelash off because it was flapping in the wind. And she ripped the other one off too. It was literally the best thing I have ever seen! Ryan and his “crew” (I say crew because him and his buddies all have go off roading, and they all roll together so “crew” is the best word to describe it) all have walkie talkies, and were using it to be efficient with getting guests to and from he tent in a golf cart because it was slightly raining. Such an operation, it was hilarious to watch! All of the men were just hilarious, as you can see in this post, there are cart wheels and rolling on hay bales, and most importantly, the best man running with his wife to fetch Ryan a beer and make it in time for bridal party photos haha. Such an amazing day, I could go on and on and on!